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Brian Colbert, Master Trainer of NLP, Founding Director of The Irish Institute of NLP.

 “Niamh Fitzpatrick is a resilient, thorough, dedicated and well roundedᅠpsychologist. She is highly professional, competent, determined and resultsᅠdriven. Niamh approaches her work in a positive and upbeat manner and isᅠcontinuously updating her skills in order to stay on top of the latestᅠdevelopments in Mental Health and Peak Performance. I have and will continueᅠto recommend her services to anyone seeking to develop, change or improve”.

Dr. Giles Warrington,

Senior Lecturer,

Department of Physical Education and Sports Science, University of Limerick.

Sports Science Advisor to the Olympic Council of Ireland.

“Over the past 20 years I have worked closely with Niamh Fitzpatrick where she has provided sport psychological support to many elite athletes from a range of sports, including being part of the official Irish Medical team at the Athens, Beijing and London Olympic Games. Niamh has a provenᅠtrack record as one of the leading experts in Sport Psychology. She has a unique ability to make a real and meaningful connection with athletes and coaches in terms of their mental preparation for competition and there are countless examples where her input and interaction has had a positive impact on performance. Her philosophy is built on a practical no nonsense approach, emphasising attentionᅠto detail and the importance holistic development of the athlete to maximise their performance potential. Niamh's unique ability to makeᅠwhat is complex look simple and create clarity out of the fog makes her stand out as one of the leading experts in her field".

“I first met Niamh Fitzpatrick in 2003 at a training camp for Irish athletes preparing for the 2004 Athens Olympics. Niamh immediately struck me as trustworthy, a good listener and someone who was easy to talk to. With these characteristics athletes naturally gravitated towards her. I have worked with Niamh now for 12 years including working the Irish Team at three Olympic Games (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, and London 2012). Niamh is always available with practical, useful advice on how to deal with the challenges of elite sport and the challenges that life in general throws at you. Her work has helped numerous Irish Olympians not only perform to the best of their abilities, but to learn from their experience and to bring this knowledge with them through the rest of their lives.


Personally I have been self employed with my own Physiotherapy Practice for 10 years now. In this time Niamh has helped me balance the craziness of being self employed, having a young family, buying a house, managing employees and creating a business with good ethics, while all the time making sure I kept my feet firmly on the ground. I would have no hesitation recommending Niamh to anyone”.

Liam Griffin, Manager, Wexford Senior Hurling Team 1996.

“I had the good fortune to work with Niamh Fitzpatrick while I was Manager of the Wexford Senior Hurling Team. Niamh was an invaluable member of our Management team. She supported our players and each individual on our panel both on and off the field with great professional skill and above all empathy. Our players loved her - we all did. Niamh also supported me as Manager with great help and advice on so many different issues. I can honestly say that Wexford would not have won the All Ireland Hurling Final, our first in 28 years, without the input of Niamh Fitzpatrick. Niamh is a lady with exceptional knowledge which she imparts with absolute integrity in such an understated way. We have not and will never forget her great efforts on our behalf”.

Patrick McGonagle MBE, CEng. FIET Managing Director, Pakflatt Group.

“I founded the Pakflatt Group in 1986, at a time when really exciting things were happening in democracy building around the globe. Today we are one of the largest election equipment companies in the world. We work with election professionals in The British Isles, Europe and The United States of America and the majority of our products have been inspired by Returning Officers and their most experienced people. We have had the privilege over the years of working with Niamh Fitzpatrick in her capacity as Project Manager at the Office of the Dublin County Returning Officer and with many other Returning Officers and County Registrars in the Republic of Ireland. Niamh is a very knowledgeable, professional and capable lady who has a terrific way with people at all levels and is an extremely competent safe pair of hands, particularly in a crisis, which are fairly common at polling stations and count centres during the course of a National Election.  Niamh conducts business with integrity, efficiency, fairness and I have no hesitation in recommending her for any challenging position where you need a winner”.

Mairead Ronan, Producer, Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, Today FM.

Presenter of Ireland's Fittest Family.

“I am lucky enough to have worked with Niamh Fitzpatrick on a professional and personal capacity over the last number of years.

We first met in 2004 when Niamh was recruited as psychologist to the Ray D'Arcy show on Today FM as the go to person to handle anxieties and fears experienced by listeners. She was an occasional contributor to the show in this regard until 2011, when she was asked to take on the weekly role of Agony Aunt for the show, where she would deal withᅠour listeners’ relationship problems. From very early on we saw a shift in the type of problems we were receiving. Apart from the usual marriage or relationship issues we were used to getting, instead anything from people experiencing bullying, how to deal with difficult in-laws, to people stuck in a career rut. Basically our listeners felt that Niamh could give them good advice on ANYTHING and they were right. Six years on she is still the Today FM Agony Aunt, having been asked to carry out this role with the Anton Savage Show from February 2015.


Personally when I was having a very tricky year in my life, I turned to Niamh for help. On our first session together she gave me some simple but effective exercises to do.ᅠᅠWe looked at what I needed to focus on more and what I didn’t, what my goals were for the coming year and exactly what was getting in my way of reaching them. We had just three sessions together and I felt so much better after each one. She has a very unique skill of helping people totally relax but then she motivates you at the same time. The best way I can describe what we did is a spring clean of my brain and I’ve taken things Niamh taught me into my everyday work and home life – and I believe it’s even helped me become a better parent too. I cannot recommend Niamh Fitzpatrick highly enough".

Martin Burke, Sports Director, Olympic Council of Ireland.

“I have had the immense pleasure to work with Niamh Fitzpatrick over many Olympic cycles in my capacity as Sports Director at the Olympic Council of Ireland. Having seen her interact with elite athletes at critical times in their career I can understand that it is not by chance that Niamh is held in such high regard. ᅠHer ability to clarify in both the athletes' and their support personnel's minds the singular purpose of their years of effort, at a time of immense pressure, cannot be understated. ᅠI have no hesitation in recommending Niamh as a leading practitioner in the field of sports psychology”.

Aidan Woods, Head Physiotherapist, Irish Olympic Team.

Pamela Blake, Producer, Anton Savage Show, Today FM.

“I’ve been working with Niamh Fitzpatrick on Today FM on a weekly basis since 2011. She is a consummate professional. She has the ability to see what others fail to and for that reason our listeners have been asking for her guidance and advice consistently week in, week out. She understands human nature and what makes people tick. No matter what the problem, be it relationships with family, friends or partners, or issues with work or self esteem, Niamh is empathetic and gives due thought and time to our listeners. Her advice is solid and real. Many of those to whom she has given advice over the airwaves have been in touch to say that they were able to look at their problem more clearly and could take away a feeling of hope, along with tools to start to deal with their issues. Off the air, Niamh is just as warm, funny and easy-going. She’s a great listener and it’s a pleasure to be in her company every Monday morning”.

Cíara Losty,
Assistant Course Leader for BSc (hons) Sports Coaching & Performance,
Lecturer in Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology, Waterford Institute of Technology.

“Niamh Fitzpatrick is one of the best sport psychologists that I know of. ᅠShe has had a huge impact on my life personally and professionally as a mentor. We have worked together on multiple applied sport psychology projects and Niamh guest lectured on the MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology programme in Waterford Institute of Technology. When you talk to Niamh she is completely focused on you and your goals. One of the qualities that I respect most about Niamh is that she knows when to nurture and when to give tough love and knows that we all need both at various times. Niamh has helped and supported me throughout my career. I am so grateful for her wisdom, her honesty, her generous heart, her vision, and most of all, her patience”.

Dr. Kate Kirby,

Accredited Sport Psychologist, Irish Institute of Sport.

Player Development Manager, Irish Rugby Union Players' Association.

“Niamhᅠ has a broad array of experience in the field of sport psychology and is very well thought of in the industry. I have collaborated with her on a number of projects, and found her brilliant to work with. She is approachable, insightfulᅠandᅠalwaysᅠgenerous with her time.ᅠIᅠwould have no hesitation in recommending her to any potential clients".

Niamh Hannan, Registered Psychologist, mindworks.ie

“Niamh Fitzpatrick is totally professional in her approach as a psychologist.ᅠ She brings a huge depth of experience and expertise to her work and with her warmth and good humour she facilitates the achievement of desired results. Highly recommended”.

Nichola Forrest, Nutritional Therapist B.A. HDipEd, Dip.Nut.IINH, Member of NTOI.

“Niamh Fitzpatrick is, quite simply, brilliant at her job. I have seen her work and bond with entire sports teams, showing an attention to detail that leaves nothing to chance. She is meticulous,ᅠsensible and practical in her approach.ᅠᅠThe intensity of focus that she brings to her work backed up with a wealth of experience gets results. Trust me, this woman is a genius”.

Sally Corscadden,

Team Ireland Equestrian Young Rider Eventing Squad,

High Performance Manager.

“Niamh Fitzpatrick worked with the Team Ireland Equestrian Young Rider European Eventing Squads in 2013 & 2015. She became an essential part of the management team, creating a very supportive environment that enabled the athletes to handle the pressures of selection and competing at a European Championships, resulting in a Team Bronze Medal in both 2013 and 2015. What we appreciated most about Niamh was her enthusiasm, sincerity, depth of understanding and her work beyond the call of duty. It was a privilege to work with her”.

Ciaran Manning, Director, Manalog Limited.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Niamh for over 15 years, primarily in connection with the management of Local and National elections in the Dublin area. Throughout that time I have been impressed by her professional and methodical performance in a fast changing and time critical environment and by her ability to motivate and inspire those around her to perform their roles in a similar manner, all the time maintaining respect for the dignity of her fellow workers and the various people her job put her in contact with”.

Mary Delehanty, Returning Officer for Wicklow.

“When I think of Niamh Fitzpatrick, words such as efficiency personified, team motivator, positive thinker, inclusive attitude, encouraging of others, supportive mentor are just the first few that come to mind”.

Caroline MacManus,

Head of Performance Science,

Irish Institute of Sport.

"I have worked with Niamh over a number of Olympic cycles and with a number of different sports as part of multidisciplinary support teams. She brought a huge amount to any support team I have worked with her on. Her openness, willingness to work as a team and her ability to put the athlete first always made for very effective support. Her expertise has been invaluable when approaching a change in behaviour in athletes and addressing particular issues/barriers these athletes may face. Personally, Niamh is a lovely, friendly and easy person to be around".

John C (Bank Manager), September 2015.

“I am very happy to write a testimonial in support of Niamh Fitzpatrick’s talents and attributes. I know Niamh for 20 years or so and have had the opportunity to see her at work and observe her natural skill and ability. Niamh is a naturally ordered and methodical person. She is a leader and organiser that clearly understands what is required to motivate people and to empower them to complete the task required. She clearly sets out the required task and timeframe and standard required and provides encouragement and guidance while at the same time allowing the person the time / space to complete the task. In the event, if necessary, she will admonish in a clear and fair manner, affording the person the opportunity to learn and improve.ᅠᅠI have seen her manage / direct her management team and thereby extract the best and desired result from the larger team.


As a project manager she is innovative in her approach and that innovation seems to breed the required success. She constantly assesses any situation and is not afraid to adjust / realign as required. Niamh regularly consults with her peers and others outside her normal sphere to get the best advice to bring and maintain success. In her role as Project Manager for the Dublin County Returning Officer she has established herself as the leader in that field and is an exemplar to all. No small achievement, given that it requires huge attention to detail, a working knowledge of a large and complex process in a constantly demanding and stressful environment.ᅠᅠA leader wants you to know how important you are, whereas a manager wants you to know how important they are and Niamh always lets the other person know they are important”.

Triona Connors,

Equestrian Sport Co-Ordinator,

Horse Sport Ireland.

“I have worked with Niamh Fitzpatrick over several years in her capacity as Sport Psychologist to some of HSI's elite equestrian teams, including the Irish Olympic Eventing team at the London Olympics in 2012 and the Young Rider European Championship Eventing teams of 2013 and 2015. I have found her to be friendly, approachable, direct, capable and effective. She has good knowledge and experience of the equestrian field and this is very useful in her work with riders. She works very well as part of a team and her input always adds impact to meetings, debriefs, or group sessions. I have seen her handle difficult, high stress situations very well and I am very happy to endorse her work".

Andrew O'Brien, National Sales Manager (former).Searsons Wines Merchants.

"Niamh Fitzpatrick came into our business in 2011 initially to work with our sales team. Our objective as a company was to improve their performance levels to yield better results. As National Sales Manager, my concern was that they lacked confidence and belief in their ability to perform consistently at a high level, while also believeing in the company values which was to sell quality wine and not get dragged down to a price fighting level in the market.


Niamh's application to the task was fantastic from the beginning, building a rapport with the team that immediately enabled her to get her message across.Through group, individual and 360 sessions, Niamh brought each member of the team up to a level of confidence where they began to express themselves better in front of our Customers. Their fear of opening new doors and working on leads disappeared and new business became the cornerstone to our growth as a company (€4m to €5.2m between 2011 and 2014).


6 of our top 10 selling products were of mid to premium level standard in quality and price, sitting exactly in line with our company values. This was a direct result from the work Niamh did in getting the team to believe in themselves and what they were selling. Once I could see the successful transition with the sales team, I also asked Niamh to work with other members of the team throughout the organisation.


In essence, I can say that everyone in the company developed personally and professionally from working with Niamh. Her skill, application and support mixed with her joyful personality will be a valuable asset to any organisation".

Rosemary Clarke, HR Manager, Creative Labs.

"Niamh Fitzpatrick facilitated a Stress Management training course with a selection of employees within the company. She was confident, engaging, funny and approachable. An intuitive trainer who created an effective learning environment where all delegates willing participated in the workshop and a very high proportion integrated the techniques into their work and home lives. Due to Niamh's extensive experience within sport psychology, corporate training and 1-1 coaching she easily and effectively demonstrated how key techniques could be quickly used to allow each employee maximise their potential in a pressurised and demanding corporate environment".

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